Saturday, January 17, 2004

It seems truck drivers create a new name for just about everything they encounter. When on a four lane interstate with two lanes in each direction, the dotted line separating the lanes is called…. A zipper!

When our tires come apart and leave big strips of black rubber all over the road they are called… Alligators! Or Gators for short.

What do they call an empty flatbed truck? … a skateboard!

A car carrier is called a portable parking lot.

Cops are Smokey Bears. A cop in a car with all the lights and markings and antenna’s is a full grown bear. Cops in unmarked cars are in plain brown wrappers. If the cop car is white and has no markings it’s a polar bear. Cop on a motorcycle is Evil Knievel. A cop in an airplane is a bear in the air.

All cars are four wheelers.

The state scale house along side the interstate is a chicken coop.

There are some things that don’t make sense to me. Rest areas are called Pickle Parks. I have no idea where that name came from. When a vehicle is in the median.. They’re in the comedian… dumb.

When you see a big truck going down the road with his blinker on when it shouldn’t be. Remember that big trucks don’t have automatically canceling blinkers like cars have. We are expected to remember our own blinkers. Sooner or later another trucker will get annoyed with us and call us on the radio. “You are going to run out of blinker fluid!

This one is going to be harder to explain. I’m sure you have seen orange trucks on the road. One of the largest trucking companies is Schneider. All their trucks are orange. Next time you enter a construction zone and you see those upside down orange barrels with white stripes, … Schneider eggs.

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